News Posted: 6th September 2013

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Mart sold 2250 Lambs at the first sale of the season. The pre-Sale Show was generously sponsored by BOCM Pauls in association with Dean K Gilfillan, Livestock Suppliers and was co-judged by Eric Graham, Gremista Farm & David Leslie. Laxfirth Farm, Tingwall.

Following the livestock sale a second auction was held selling off used material, equipment and machinery which attracted interest from people throughout Shetland with almost every item sold.

Their awards were as follows:

1st – Iain Stout, Setter, Fair Isle £69
2nd – John Abernethy, Verdahill, Twatt. £67
3rd Equal – D, Anderson, New House, Grupps & G Hunter, Hoversta, Bressay. £62.50

Store Lambs

1st – J * A Sinclair, Sandlodge farm, Sandwick. £62
2nd – Iain Stout, Setter, Fair Isle. £58
3rd – John Abernethy, Verdahill, Twatt. £56

Overall Lambs were not as strong and as well grown as last year. Trade was steady given the decrease in prime lamb values this week.

Other Leading Prices Per Head Suffolkx Lambs

£69 Skerryholm, Fair Isle; £64.20 Selivoe, Bridge of Walls; £62 Setter, Bressay; £61 Keldabister, Bressay; £60 Mousa Cottage, Leebitton.

Texelx Lambs

£62.20 Burkle, Fair Isle; £56 Setter, Fair Isle; £54.80 Setter, Fair Isle; £54.50 Mousa Cottage, Leebitton.

Cheviotx Lambs

£53.80 Aith, Cunningsburgh; £50 New House, Grups.

Shetland Lambs

£24 New House, Grupps;