News Posted: 22nd September 2012

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 2904 lambs on Saturday 22nd September 2012.

A good show of lambs met a slight downturn in trade than off late in keeping with current national trends, with the exception of fleshy native lambs which fully maintained recent rates.

Leading Prices – Store Lambs

Suffolk x

£60 Pobis Geo, Muckle Roe, Easterleigh, Burravoe & Hoversta, Bressay; £59 Sandlodge, Sandwick & Swona, Crookataing; ££58.80 Glenview, Symbister; £58 Sneugie, Voe & Giggleswick, Burravoe.

Texel x

£88, £70, £64 Millingsounds, Brough; £57 Pobis Geo, Muckle Roe.

Cheviot x

£56.50 Whitefield, Symbister; £53.50 Pobis Geo, Muckle Roe & Easterleigh, Burravoe; £51 Mousa Cottage, Leebitton; £50 Hoversta, Bressay.


£37 Uyea House, North Roe; £34 Bayview, Tresta & Ennisfirth, Sullom; £33 East Linn, Effirth & Setter, Stromfirth; £32.50 Quoys, Sandsound; £32 Ennisfirth, Sullom, Leascole, Eshaness & Uphouse, Wester Skeld.

Leading Prices – Ewes


£60 Booth Park, Symbister; £59 Upper Stoneybrake, Fair Isle.