News Posted: 2nd November 2013

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 81 cattle and 1850 sheep at the final sale of the season.

Cattle met an excellent demand and more could have been sold.  Sheep were a very mixed selection and were extremely dear.

Stot calves sold to a top price per kilo of 323p for a Limx from K Rennie, Serrang, Stromfirth and a top per head of £850 for Charolais crosses from J Scollay, Tirvister, Ollaberry to average 293p

Heifer calves sold to a top price per kilo of 290.5p for Charolais crosses from D & G Nicolson, Haygreen Cunningsburgh and to a top price per head of £830 also from Haygreen to average 271.8p

Stots sold to £1420 for a Shorthorn cross from S Williamson, Watsness, Walls

Heifers sold to £1160 for a Charolais cross from J & A Sinclair, Sandlodge Farm, Sandwick.

In Calf Heifers sold to £1820 for a Shorthorn cross from Watsness, Walls.

OTM cows sold to £1020 for a Limousin cross from Sandlodge.

Ewe Lambs

Cheviotx - £57.50 Uyea House, North Roe.

Shetland - £17.50 North Scord, Muckle Roe; £16.50 No 4 Kirkadale, Walls;


Shetland - £20.50 Da Veng, Ocraquoy; £19.50 North Scord, Muckle Roe;

Cheviotx - £53.50 Yatesgarth, Balliasta; £48.50 Livorna, Busta;

Store Lambs

Cheviotx - £58.50 Virse, Haroldswick; £56.50 Boanyview, Voe;

Shetland - £33.50 Boanyview, Voe; £30.50 Gilbraes, Twatt & North Lea, Effirth

Suffolkx - £63.50 Boanyview, Voe; £62.50 Wilgalee, Cunningsburgh; £60.50 No 2 Roadside, Bressay;

Texelx - £59.50 Boanyview, Voe; £51.50 Findlans Farm, Hillswick;


Cheviotx – £79 & £75 Bigton Farm, Bigton.


Suffolk - £420 Lunna Farm, Vidlin