News Posted: 23rd September 2011

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts had 2837 lambs of all classes at their special sale on Friday 23rd September 2011 in Lerwick.

All classes maintained recent rates while native Shetland Lambs were dearer.

Leading Prices - Lambs.

Suffolk Cross – £64.00 from Easterleigh, Burravoe; £63.50 from Houlland, Skellister; £62.00 from Punds, Burravoe and Reawick Farm, Reawick.

Texel Cross - £61.00 from Grindischool, Bressay; £59.50 from Easterleigh, Burravoe; £57.50 from Ennisfirth, Sullom.

Cheviot – £55.00 from Grindischool; £51.00 from Breaview, Braewick; £50.00 from Ambervale, South Whiteness.

Shetland – £41.00 and £39.00 from Ennisfirth, Sullom; £39.00 from Kerkira, Ollaberry; £37.50 from Lonabrek, Aith; £37.00 from Haggersta, Whiteness.