News Posted: 29th September 2017

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts had 2476 Ewes at their first special sale of breeding sheep at their sale on Friday 29th September.

All classes met a very sound trade with several South buyers being in attendance. Good Cheviot cross ewes were scarce, Shetland ewes were keely bid for.

Leading Prices per Head.

Cheviot Crosses

£59.50 Hoopless, North Roe & Kerkira, Ollaberry; £57.50 Gunnister, Hamar; £56.50 Midhouse, Northdale; £54.50 Brough, Bressay & Hoopless, North Roe; £52.50 South Collafirth;


£41.50 Hillhead, Ollaberry; £38.50 Moustoft, Weisdale; £37.50 Garth Farm, Mossbank & Hoopless, North Roe; £35.50 Gremista Farm, Hillhead, Ollaberry; Setter, Bridge of Walls; £33.50 Uyea House, North Road: £31.50 Quoys Sandsound, Haggersta, Whiteness:

Texel Crosses

£57.50 Hooples, North Roe; Setter House, North Roe; £54.50 Setter House, Lochend