News Posted: 23rd May 2018

LERWICK - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts held a special sale of all classes of livestock on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

All classes of cattle and sheep met an exceptional demand and more could have been sold.

Bullocks (20) sold to £1215 per head for a pair of Simmental crosses from F Tulloch & Partners, Da Knowe, Twatt and to a top price per kilo of 275.7p for Limousin crosses from H Moar, Brouster, Bridge of Walls to average 236.2p per kg.

Heifers (17) sold to £1200 for Limousin crosses from M Nicolson, Braewick, Eshaness and also to 281p per kilo from the same home to average 227.2p per kg.

OTM cows (4) sold to £1305 per head and 165.7p per kg for an AA from D & G Nicolson, Haygreen, Cunningsburgh to average 149.1p per kilo.

Other leading prices per head

Bullocks £1160 & £1100 (Simx) Da Knowe, Twatt; £1100 (Limx) Brouster, Bridge of Walls; £1095 (Chx) Da Knowe;

Heifers £1100 (Limx) Braewick, Eshaness; £910 & £870 (Salx) Sandlodge, Sandwick; £890 (Chx) Da Knowe, Twatt;

Other leading prices per kilo

Bullocks 274.4p & 272p (Chx) Da Knowe, Twatt; 250p (Limx) Brouster, Bridge of Walls; 243.9p (Simx) Da Knowe;

Heifers 254.7p (Chx) New House, Grups; 239.7p (Limx) Braewick, Eshaness; 235p & 232.1p (Salx) Sandlodge, Sandwick;

Also sold were 183 sheep of all classes which were very much a “spring tidy up job”. Quality considered, trade was excellent.

Leading Prices

Ewes sold to £70 for crosses from Sandlodge, Sandwick.

Store Hoggs to £61 for Shx from Uphouse, Weathersta.

Shetland lambs to £56 from Doonbye, Ollaberry.

Ewe lambs to £57 for Shx from Lochend House, Lochend.

Cast rams to £61 for a Shet from Uphouse, Weathersta.