News Posted: 25th February 2017

LERWICK - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts literally sold all classes of livestock on Saturday 25th February 2017 when there were 9 pigs, 7 cattle and 340 sheep forward.

Weaner pigs from Messrs Wilcock, Gateside, Hillswick sold to £61 and £58 and £56.

Shorthorn cross weaned heifer calves sold to £880 and 263.8 p per kilo from Messrs Jamieson, Vesquoy, Muness and also at £870.

Simmental cross bullocks sold to £900 for a Simmental cross from R Odie, Giggleswick.

Grit Ewes to £86 for Cheviot crosses from Garthsvale, Voe.

Store Lambs to £71.50 for Suffolk crosses from R Ramsay, South Collafirth, Ollaberry.

Cast Rams to £64 from C Laurenson, Boanyview, Voe.

Cast ewes to £53.50 also from Boanyview, Voe.

Other leading prices.

Grit ewes – Chtx - £80, £75, £74, Garthsvale, Voe, £67 Hoopless, North Roe; Shetland - £50 Hoopless, North Roe; £41 Garthsvale, Voe;

Store Lambs – Suffx - £70 Linksview, Ringesta; £56.50 Burraland, Sullom; Texelx - £57 New House, Grups;

Cast Rams; Texel - £59.50 Boanyview, Voe; £58.50 Gunnigarth, West Sandwick & Linksview, Ringesta;