LERWICK - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 101 Store Cattle, Calves and Cows also 925 Store sheep of all classes at the final sale of the season.

All classes of calves did not reach the extreme rates of last sale while fleshy store cattle were dearer, no doubt fuelled by the demand for locally bred and fed beef. The sheep could only be described as “an end of season selection” and buyers went home short of their requirements.

Store Cattle, Calves and Cows - Leading Prices

Store Bullocks to £1305 for Aberdeen Angus crosses from Dawnvale, Haroldswick.

Store Heifers to £970 for Simmental crosses from Hellia, Aithsetter.

Stot Calves to £750 for Charolais crosses from Tirvister, Ollaberry and to 223p per kilo.

Heifer Calves to £590 for Charolais crosses from Meadowbank, Weathersta and to 191.4p per kilo.

In Calf Heifers to £920 for an Aberdeen Angus cross from Heogland, Eshaness

In Calf Cows to £650 for Aberdeen Angus Crosses from Heogland Eshaness

Store Sheep – Leading Prices

Cheviotx Ewe Lambs £45.50 Lingarth, Dunrossness; £43 Gunnister, Hamar;

Cheviotx Ewes £50 Barnafield, Ollaberry; £49 South Gluss, Ollaberry; £47 Roadside, Ollaberry;

Cheviotx Store Lambs £52 Roadside, Ollaberry;

Shetland Ewe Lambs £29 Barnafield, Ollaberry & Bakka, Dale of Walls; £21 Pamoula, Symbister;

Shetland Ewes £27 Pamoula, Symbister; £26 Garth, Skellister; £25.50 Omnisgarth, Sandsound; £25 South Grinds, Lunna;

Shetland Store Lambs £23 No 2 Leslie Road, Lerwick; £21 Bakka, Dale of Walls; £18 Barnafield, Ollaberry & Hillcrest, Stapness;

Shetland Hoggets £36 & £30 Gunnister, Hamar; £30 & £29 Grunnivoe, Walls;

Shetland Gimmers £37 South Gluss, Ollaberry; £35 Pamoula, Symbister; £33 Verdahill, Twatt; £32 Garth, Skellister; £30 Grunivoe, Walls;

Suffolk x Store Lambs £50 South Gluss, Ollaberry;

Texel x Store Lambs £68 & £50 Ernahoull, Uyeasound;

Texel x Ewe £63 Mousa Cottage, Leebitton;

Texel x Gimmer £70 Tolob, Virkie;