News Posted: 7th November 2015

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 1101 store sheep and 90 store and breeding cattle on Saturday 7th November 2015.

Cattle were easily sold to a full ringside of buyers.

Sheep could only be described as “an end of season selection” and showed an increase in price from last week.


Breeding cattle sold to a top of £1650 for Spring Calving Simmentalx heifers from Messrs Nicolson, Findlands Farm, Hillswick. In calf cows sold to £910 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus crosses from Miss Robertson, Stackafield, Walls.

Stot calves sold to a top price per kilo of 266.4p for a pen of 8 Charolais crosses from Mr J Scollay, Tirvister, Ollaberry and to a top price per head of £880 also for 367kg Charolais crosses jointly from Messrs Halcrow, Tow, Cunningsburgh and Mr David Adamson, Erensdale, Cunningsburgh.

Heifer calves sold to a top price per kilo of 220.9p for a pen of 5 Charolais crosses from D & G Nicolson, Haygreen, Cunningsburgh and £660 per head for a pair of Charolais crosses from J Scollay, Tirvister.

Store Bullocks sold to £980 for a pen of 4 AA crosses from Messrs Jamieson, Belmont, Uyeasound.

Store heifers sold to a top price of £890 for an Aberdeen Angus Cross from Messrs Davies, The Old Manse, Papa Stour.

Other Leading Prices –

Stot Calves per kilo – 239.8p (Chx) Erensdale & Tow; 237.4p (Chx) Haygreen; 224.2p (AAx) Ernahoull;

Heifer Calves per kilo – 215.7p (Chx) Tirvister; 210.5p (Chx) Haygreen;

Sheep - Leading Prices

Store Lambs

Suff – £50 Lower House, Hillwell; £48 Garth, Sandness; £45 South Scord, Muckle Roe;

TexX- £43.50 The Barn, Westing;

Chv – £44 Houlland, Skellister & Garth, Sandness;

Shet – £20.50 Pobis Geo, Muckle Roe,; Houlland, Skellister; North Scord, Muckle Roe;

Ewe Lambs

Tex – £52 Griesta Farm, Tingwall;

Chv – £52 Griesta farm, Tingwall; £46 Uyea House, North Roe;


Suffolk - £87 Solheim, Walls;

Chv – £50 & £48 Mailland, Sand; £48 Sneugie, Voe; £47 Lower House, Hillwell; £44.50 North Braewick, Gott;

Shet – £41 Herritage, Gott; £26 Houlland, Skellister; £25 Mailland, Sand;


Chv – £150 No 2 Leslie Road, Lerwick


Cht - £80 Gunnister, Hamar