News Posted: 14th October 2015

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts had 341 Weaned Calves, Store Cattle and Cows at their Annual Show and Sale on Wednesday 14th October 2015. The Show sponsored by Lerwick Port Authority and judged by John Eddie of Halhill, Inverbervie was won by a Charolais Cross Stot Calf from K Anderson, North House, Gonfirth weighing 365 Kg and selling at £800.

Good calves sold well with poorer calves achieving prices higher than anticipated. Well fleshed store cattle were an exceptional trade which was fuelled by the local butcher and home kill demand.

Store Bullocks sold to a top price per head of £1400 and 251 p per kilo for Aberdeen Angus crosses from M Westmoreland, Hoversta, Bressay to average 215.5p

Store Heifers sold to a top price per head of £1070 for a Charolais cross from M Jacobsen, Selivoe, Bridge of Walls and to a top price per kilo of 224.2p also for Charolais crosses from R & J Henderson, Emohruo, Cullivoe to average 202.8p

Weaned Stot Calves sold to a top price per head of £830 for Charolais crosses from I Jeromson, Vindas, Laxfirth and to a top price per kilo of 273p for Charolais crosses from Messrs Sinclair, Sandlodge, Sandwick to average 232.9p

Weaned Heifer Calves sold to a top price per head of £825 for Charolais crosses from North House, Gonfirth and a top price per kilo of 242.9p for Charolais crosses from Sandlodge, Sandwick to average 212.5p

Leading Prices Per Head – Bullocks

AAx  £1400, £1300, £1290, £1260 Hoversta, Bressay; £1190 Vailima, Symbister; £1100 Glenlea, Haroldswick;

Charx  £1290, £1200, £1180, £1160 Vailima, Symbister; £1250 Selivoe, Bridge of Walls;

Limx  £980, £945 Ernahoull, Uyeasound; £980 Vindas, Laxfirth;

Salersx  £970 Northpark Holdings, Cunnister;

Simx  £1360, £1220 Vailima, Symbister; £1180 Giggleswick, Burravoe; £1100 Setter, Bressay;

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers

AAx – Setter, Bressay; £900 Ernahoull, Uyeasound; £880 Belmont, Uyeasound;

Charx  £1070 Selivoe, Bridge of walls; £900, £890 Emohruo, Cullivoe;

Limx  £840, £820 Ernahoull, Uyeasound;

Salersx  £880 Northpark Holdings, Cunnister;

SHx  £890 Vesquoy, Muness;

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Bullocks

AAx – 246.5p Hoversta, Bressay; 237.4p Ernahoull, Uyeasound; 216.1p Glenlea, Haroldswick;

Simx – 214.5p Giggleswick, Burravoe;

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers

AAx – 213.3p Ernahoull, Uyeasound;

Charx – 224.2p Emohruo, Cullivoe;