News Posted: 14th September 2016

LERWICK - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 2150 Lambs on Wednesday 14th September.

The quality and quantity of Suffolk and Texel crosses presented today was certainly above average compared to previous sales. Sellers were once again rewarded for well drawn, well attended and well presented pens of lambs.

Prices remained high for all classes with all “top” Suffolk x & Texel x lambs being sold at £60 or more. It is worth mentioning that every price quoted in these reports from the Lerwick sales should have between £3 and £4 per head added for shipping and floating costs (proportionate to size of lamb)  to be a direct price comparison with lambs sold at mainland sales.

This week there were several pens of native Shetland lambs which were carrying flesh. These sold well. The price differential between those native lambs carrying flesh compared with those which are not was always significant but today’s sale showed the biggest differential yet.

Leading Prices per Head

Suffolk Crosses –  £64 & £63 Setter, Fair Isle; £63.20 Sandlodge, Sandwick; £61.80 Millingsounds, Brough; £61.20 New Grunnasound, Bridge End; £61 Clothister, Sullom; Houlland, Skellister; Heatherbrae, Baltasound; £60 Gunnista, Bressay;

Texel Crosses – £62.80 Upper Stoneybrake, Fair Isle; £61.80 Kerkira, Ollaberry; £61 Sandlodge Farm, Sandwick;

Beltex Crosses - £61 Barnafield, Ollaberry;

Cheviot Crosses - £51 Clothister, Sullom; £47 No 5 Ordale, Baltasound; £45.50 Hjem, Voe; £44 Houlland, Skellister & Sandview, Symbister;

Shetland – £33 Hjem, Voe; £32 & £29.50 Aithsetter, Cunningsburgh; £29.80 No 2 Effstigarth, Herra; £25.50 Seashells, Cunningsburgh; £24.50 Ungersta, Haroldswick;