News Posted: 16th September 2015

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts had 2342 lambs at their sale on Wednesday 16th September.

An excellent show of lambs were on offer. Strong lambs were slightly easier on the week. Shetland lambs with flesh were considerably dearer.

Leading Prices – Lambs

Suffolk x - £58.50 Hamister, Symbister; £56.50; Bretta, Dunrossness; £55.80 Sandlodge Farm, Sandwick; £55 Millburn, Bridgend and South Gluss, Ollaberry; £53.50 Grindischool, Bressay and Almark, Symbister and Hoversta, Bressay; £53 Meadowbank, Weathersta; £52.80 Haygreen, Cunningsburgh and Sneugie Voe; £52 Uphouse, Weathersta and Turvister, Ollaberry and New Grunnisound, Bridgend and Clothister, Sullom.

Texel x - £65 Hamister, Symbister; £54 Parkview, Hamnavoe and Cro, Bigton; £53.50 Ellie Know, Saltness; £52 Millingsound, Brough; £51.80 Sandlodge Farm, Sandwick.

Cheviot x – £52 Whitefield, Symbister; £50.50 Islescape, Ollaberry; £48.50 Bretta, Dunrossness; £47 Hamister, Symbister.

Shetland – £35 Varhjem, Brae £28.20; Islescape, Ollaberry £27.80 Louravoe, Laxfirth; £27.50 No 2 Effstigarth, Herra; £27.20 Rocklea, Whitness and Voxter, Brae; £26.80 Ennisfirth, Sullom; £25.50 Uphouse, Weathersta and Lochside, North Roe.