News Posted: 12th February 2013

We are holding a Livestock and Machinery sale on Wednesday 20th February 2013 at 10am (postponed from Wednesday 13th February due to weather forecast).

Expressions of interest are desired from producers of pigs (weaned, fat, etc) & poultry who would like to sell at this sale. Also items of machinery, plant, vehicles, etc. Please contact Hazel for further information.

Livestock and machinery forward for the sale so far:

Livestock includes:
Charolais & Shorthorn Calves 9-11 months
Shorthorn Stots March/April calved
Yearold Stots & Heifers
Suffolk, Cheviot and Shetland Rams
Large consignment of 1st X Ewes been with Suffolk Ram
Large consignment of 1st x Cheviot Ewe Lambs
Large consignment of Shetland Ewes in-lamb to Cheviot Ram
Shetland Ewes & Feeders
Suffolk X Lambs
Shetland Moorit Yearolds
Cheviot X Prime Ewes
Shetland Ewe Lambs
Prime X Lambs

Poultry includes:
Silkie Cockrells
Muscovy Ducks

Pigs include:
Saddleback Cross Breeding Sows

A.T.V. Sheep Snacker
Galvanised chassis with brakes
Marshall muck spreader rigged for feeding silage
Petrol generator
Reversible yard scraper
Automatic byre scraper
Bale Spike – as new
Conor double bale lifter – as new (see photos below)