Shetland Livestock Marketing Livestock Group in partnership with Aberdeen and Northern Marts are offering buyers their first ever opportunity to buy their favourite Shetland animals on-line from the comfort of their homes.

Using the I-Bidder auction system interested bidders can sign in, view the catalogue of available livestock and bid by simply clicking your computer mouse. This system was used for the first time last year by the breeders of Shetland ponies and experienced an excellent reception from far afield. Bidders from the UK and Europe watched the selection of ponies trot across their screens whilst all the detailed information had been made available well ahead of the sale.

It is hoped to create a special Native Breeds Event, which will become a fixture in the calendars of those who have a particular interest in these special breeds.

Currently the Shetland Flock Book Sale of Rams is a central component of Shetland Wool Week. This celebration of Shetland Wool has attracted many visitors from all over the world who travel to take part in this week long festival of hands-on skills training and to immerse themselves in Shetland culture.

Now Shetlanders want to tempt the on-line world with not only a chance to take part in the wool sensation, but also to tempt those who recognise the qualities of Shetland Ponies, Sheep and Cattle bred in their homeland – the only place in Europe with the unique Shetland Animal Health Scheme to provide reassurance to buyers.

Sign in, view in and buy in to Shetland’s Native Breeds Event on Saturday 4th October 2014. 

Shetland Cattle sale starts at 12noon

Shetland Flock Book Ram sale starts at 2pm


Further information from the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group Ltd.’s office on 01595 69 6300 or email: