News Posted: 15th October 2014

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts had 361 Weaned Calves, Store Cattle and Cows at their Annual Show and Sale on Wednesday 15th October 2014. The Show sponsored by Lerwick Port Authority and judged by John Eddie of Halhill, Inverbervie was won by a Limousin Cross Stot Calf from R Leask of Arrandaal, North Nesting weighing 354 kgs £1080 (305.4p)

“A mixed quality selection met an excellent  demand with quality calves short of local buyer’s requirements”

Store Bullocks sold to a top price per head of £1320 for an Aberdeen Angus cross from G Hunter, Hoversta, Bressay and a top price per kilo of 221.5p for a pen of British Blue from P. Hunter, Ernahoul, Unst to average 210.5p

Store Heifers sold to a top price per head of £1190 for Aberdeen Angus crossed From Hoversta, Bressay and to a top price per kilo of 216.4p also from Hoversta to average 203.6p

Weaned Stot Calves sold to a top price per head of £940(other than the Champion)  for a pen of Charolais crosses from K. Anderson, North House, Gonfirth and to a top price per kilo of 291.8p (other than the Champion) also from Gonfirth to average 254.5p

Weaned heifer calves sold to a top price per head of £860 and to a top price per kilo of 286.7p for a Charolais x from I Jeromson, Vindas, Laxfirth  to average 231.7p

Leading Prices Per Head – Bullocks

AAx - Hoversta, Bressay  £1280, £1260, £1250; Setter, Bressay £1140 & £1100; Gardens, Culswick £1010;

SHx – Gaets A Voe, Ollaberry £875; Northpark Holdings, Cunnister £870;

BBx – Vailima, Symbister £1150 & £1140

Charx – Vailima, Symbister £1300 & £1220; Bakkanlee, Whiteness £1000;

Herx – Gunnister, Uyeasound £785;

Limx - £1280 New House, Grups; £1080 Arandaal, North Nesting;

Simx - £1050 & £1015 Giggleswick, Burravoe;

Shetx - £770 Stackafield, Walls;

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers

AAx – Hoversta, Bressay £1190, £1180, £1080; Setter, Bressay £1040;

SHx – Northpark Holdings, Cunnister £830;

BBx – Ernahoull, Uyeasound £900 & £870;

Herx – South Collafirth, Ollaberry £810;

Limx – North Lea, Effirth £995; Ernahoull, Uyeasound £900;

Salx – Serrang, Stromfirth £950;

Simx – Giggleswick, Burravoe £950; Hellia, Aithsetter & Sunnybrae, Camb £900;

Leading Prices Per Head Stot Calves

AAx – Breckon, Cullivoe £780;  Urgarth, Baltasound £755;

SHx – East Gate, East Burrafirth £700;

BBx – Ernahoull, Uyeasound £855;

Charx – North House, Gonfirth £940. £920 & £910; Breckon, Cullivoe £880; Lower Flugarth, Vidlin £870; Vindas, Laxfirth £860;

Limx – Griesta, Tingwall £900; Serrang, Stromfirth £825; Lower Longaskule, Twatt £810;

Salx – Hamar, North Mavine £700; Everland, Fetlar £640;

Simx – Vindas, laxfirth £890; Helia, Aithsetter £875; East Gate, East Burrafirth £840;

Leading Prices Per Head Heifer Calves

AAx – Urgarth, Baltasound £690;

Charx – Vindas, Laxfirth £860; North Hose, Gonfirth £800 & £750; Breckon, Cullivoe £725;

Limx – Serrang, Stromfirth £720;

Simx – Vindas, Laxfirth £810; Mailand, Baltasound £730;

Leading prices Per Kilo Stot Calves

AAx – Gaets a Voe, Ollaberry 237.9p; Breckon 234.2p;

SHX – East Gate, East Burrafirth 238.1p; Lunna Farm, Vidlin 233.3p;

Charx – North House, Gonfirth 291.8p; Vindas, Laxfirth 286.7p; Lower Flugarth, Vidlin 277.6p;

Limx – Arandaal, North Nesting 305.1p; Lower Longaskule, Twatt 273.6p; Griest, Tingwall 251.6p;

Salx – Everland, Fetlar 255p; Garth, South Nesting 250p;

Simx – Mailland, Baltasound 256.1p; East Gate, East Burrafirth 245p;

Leading Prices Per Kilo Heifer Calves

AAx – Gaets a Voe, Ollaberry 233.9p;

Charx – Vindas, Laxfirth 286.7p; Lower Flugath, Vidlin 246.2p; Breckon, Cullivoe 244.4p; North House, Gonfirth 242.4p;

Limx – Serrang, Stromfirth 235.3p;

Salx – Garth, South Nesting 229.2p;

Simx – Mailand, Baltasound 237.5p; Vindas, Laxfirth 235.9p; East Gate, East Burrafirth 234.2p;

February Calving Heifers sold for £1660 & £1550 for Simmental crosses from Hellia, Aithsetter.