News Posted: 8th November 2014

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 1413 store sheep and 83 store and breeding cattle on Saturday 8th November 2014.

"All classes of cattle met an excellent demand while sheep maintained last week’s high rates".


Breeding cattle sold to a top of £1780 for Spring Calving heifers from Messrs Nicolson, Findlands Farm, Hillswick. Cows with calf at foot sold to £1520 for a Shorthorn Cross Cow from Haygreen, Cunningsburgh.

Stot calves sold to a top price per kilo of 308.1p for a pen of 7 Charolais crosses from D & G Nicolson, Haygreen, Cunningsburgh and to a top price per head of £865 also for Charolais crosses from J Scollay, Tirvister, Ollaberry.

Heifer calves sold to a top price per kilo of 278p and £770 per head for a pen of 6 Charolais crosses from Tirvister.

Store heifers sold to a top price of £1200 for a Simmental Cross from Mrs H Mackenzie, Aithsetter, Cunningsburgh.

The cattle sale comprised of two dispersals – J Irvine, Sumburgh Farm and Messrs Nicolson, Findlands.

Leading Prices

Heifers in Calf

Finsland (SimX) £1700; £1500
Sumburgh Farm (SimX) £1400; £1400 ;£1380

Cows in Calf

Sumburgh Farm (SimX) £1500; £1420; £1300.
Finsland (SimX) £1480; £1420; £1400


Leading Prices

Store Lambs

Suff – Wilgale, Cunningsburgh £56.50; Braebister, Walls & Lyngarth, Dunrossness £54.50.
TexX – Ernahoull, Uyeasound £56.50.
Chv – Skelberry, Dunrossness & Mousa Cottage, Leebitton £55.50.
Shet – Everland, Fetlar £28.50; Reaywick Farm, Reaywick £26.50.

Ewe Lambs

Tex – Ernahoull, Uyeasound £54.50;
Shet – No 2 Leslie Road, Lerwick £20.50;
LleynX – Netherton, Levenwick £52.50;
Chv – Braebister £59.50; Newhouse, Voe £55.50


Chv – Lowerhouse, Hillwell £78.50; Lyngarth £61.50;
Shet – Roadside Cottage, East Burrafirth & Reaywick Farm £31.50; North Scord, Muckle Roe & Lyngarth £28.50.


Chv – Uphouse, Cunningsburgh £380.
Sht – No 2 Leslie Road, Lerwick £550.
Tex – Uphouse £250.