We are holding another sale on Wednesday 3rd April, commencing at 10am.

The sale is a spring show and sale of cattle, kindly sponsored by Harbro Ltd. We will also we will be selling sheep and machinery. We are also hoping for poultry and pigs.

So far we have over 160 cattle booked in

There is also:

Gimmers, Ewe Lambs and Hogs:

20 Shetland ewes in lamb to Texel ram – scanned with one lamb each.

20 shetland ewes in lamb to Suffolk ram – scanned with one lamb each.


3 sets of Maran (1 cockrell and 2 hens), 1 set of Welsummer, 2 trios of Bantams and 1 trio of mixed breeds.

Cross bred hens (2 year old), all still laying.

50 Isa brown laying hens.

2 cockrells.

A trio of Norfolk turkeys (1 cockerel and 2 hens).

20 Cherry Valley white ducks.

20 Khaki Campbell ducks.


1 Border Collie male pup – 7 weeks old


Poldenvale galvanised sheep turnover crate.

Cattle feed barriers with lockable yokes.

Galvanised chassis with brakes – suitable for a bowser or small trailer.


20 bags of Tatties – 25kgs of Roosters and Maris Pipers.