News Posted: 15th September 2016

UNST - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 2127 Sheep, mostly lambs, at the annual Unst 'on farm' sales, without exception the most Northerly Livestock auction sale in the British Isles.

All classes met a firm demand. In addition to local buyers who execute commissions on behalf of mainland purchasers there were buyers present from Duns, Scottish Borders and Udny and Tarves, Aberdeenshire. The three mainland buyers who attended purchased 700 Lambs in total.

It is worth mentioning that every price quoted in this report from the Unst sale should have between £5 and £6 per head added for shipping and floating costs (proportionate to size of sheep)  to be a direct price comparison with sheep sold at mainland sales.

Leading Prices - Lambs

Suffolk Crosses

£60 No 2 Millburn Park, Baltasound & Gunnister, Uyeasound; £59.50 Marangu, Baltasound; £59 Moorens, Westing; £58.20 Vesquoy, Muness; £56.80 Rockfield, Uyeasound; £56 Sunnydale, Norwick; £55.50 Gue, Baltasound;

Texel Crosses

£56 Ernahoul, Uyeasound;  £55.80 Belmont, Uyeasound; £55.20 No 1 Ordale, Baltasound; £54.80 Greenside, Baltasound;

Cheviot Crosses

£54, £53.80 & £53 Belmont, Uyeasound; £53 Rockfield, Uyeasound;  £51.50 Ernahoul, Uyeasound; £50 Sunnydale, Norwick;


£32 No 8 Ordale, Baltasound; £24 Sunnydale, Norwick; £18 Papil, Haroldswick; £17 No 2 Millburn Park, Baltasound;

Leading Prices – Ewes

Cheviot Cross

£53.50 Belmont, Uyeasound; £45.50 Ernahoul, Uyeasound;

Texel Cross

£61 No 2 Millburn Park, Baltasound; £56 No 1 Ordale, Baltasound; £49 Marangu, Baltasound;


£26 No 2 Millburn Park, Baltasound; £25 No 8 Ordale, Baltasound; £24.50 No 1 Ordale, Baltasound; £22 Clisbo, Haroldswick; £20 Sunnydale, Norwick;