News Posted: 22nd September 2013

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 2649 lambs on Saturday 21st September 2013.

Lambs were not as good as last year but met a ready demand considering that the haulage cost to buyers is £2.30 per lamb from Yell to Lerwick.

Leading Prices – Store Lambs

Suffolk x
£62 Breckon, Cullivoe; £60 Punds Burravoe; £58.50 Easterleigh, Burravoe; £58 Westerloch, Burravoe; £57.20 Emohruo, Cullivoe; £57 Colvister, Yell;

Texel x
£63 Easterleigh, Burravoe; £60.50 Ark, Aywick; £58 Leagarth, Aywick;

Cheviot x
£42.50 Bonnie Brae, Ulsta;

Shetland Wether Lambs
£44 Easterleigh, Burravoe; £27 Wester Leaigh, Burravoe; £26 Westerloch, Burravoe;

Leading Prices – Ewe Lambs

£65& £59 Easterleigh, Burravoe; £59 No 8 Meadowbank Road, Burravoe;

£50 Seaside Cottage, West Sandwick;

Leading Prices – Ewes

£57 Reafirth, Mid Yell; £47.50 Seaside Cottage, West Sandwick;

£46 Niaroo, Gloup; £42 Northpark, Cunnister;

Leading Prices – Gimmers

£60 Seaside Cottage, West Sandwick