News Posted: 17th September 2016

YELL - Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 2153 Sheep, mostly lambs, at the annual Yell 'on farm' sales on Saturday 17th September 2016.

All classes met a good demand. Strong, well bred tighter skinned lambs were keenly bid for and were short of buyers' requirements.

It is worth mentioning that every price quoted in this report from the Yell sale should have between £5 and £6 per head added for shipping and floating costs (proportionate to size of sheep)  to be a direct price comparison with sheep sold at mainland sales.

Leading Prices - Lambs

Suffolk Crosses

£60.50 & £55 Pund, Dale; £60 Breckon, Cullivoe & Emohruo, Cullivoe; £59 & £56.80 Westerloch, Burravoe; £58 Niaroo, Gloup; £57.80 Hamerslea, Burravoe;

Texel Crosses

£60 & £55.50 Colvister, West Sandwick; £54 Innhouse, Sellafirth;

Cheviot Crosses

£50 Innhouse, Sellafirth;


£25.20 Williamson Partnership, Colvister; £21 Strachan, Mid Yell; £20 Vatster, Mid Yell;

Leading Prices – Ewes

Cheviot Cross

£56 Alderwood, Burravoe; £41 Breckon, Cullivoe;

Texel Cross

£60 Colvister, West Sandwick;


£30 Strachan, Mid Yell;