News Posted: 19th September 2015

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 1992 lambs and ewes at their Annual on farm sales on the island of Yell, on Saturday 19th September 2015.

All classes met a very steady demand throughout.

Leading Prices - Store Lambs

Suffolk x £53.50 Wester Loch, Burravoe; £52 Emohruo, Cullivoe; £51 Breckon, Cullivoe.

Texel x £54 and £50 Da Ark, Aywick.

Cheviot x £60 and £55 Da Ark, Aywick.

Shetland £28 Heatherlea, Burravoe; £27.50 Aith, Burravoe; £25 Colvister, Mid Yell; £24.50 Greenbank, Cullivoe; £24 Bonny Brae, Ulsta.

Leading Prices – Ewe Lambs

Cheviot x £56 Vatster, Mid Yell; £50 Da Ark, Aywick and Niaroo, Gloup.

Texel x £50 Scatlands, West Sandwick.